WWF-001 Chinkasu Licking Gokkun Slave Maid Yuna Himekawa


Maid Yuna swears, “I will do anything if I can help my master.” Because of the master’s cock that I love so much, I lick the cocks with my tongue and gokkun! Yuuna relentlessly licks the cock over and over again, as if the smelly and rich taste is the best reward. After she tasted the creamy and delicious chinkas, she took her favorite master’s cock down her throat with tears in her eyes, saying, “Master’s cock is great…” Fully enjoy. She asks, “Please give your master’s hard Ji Po to Yuna’s Ma Ko,” and asks violently, and repeats endless climaxes if pistoned. At the end, when she catches a large amount of semen on her face, saying, “Master’s semen, please put it on Yuna’s face,” she makes a happy face and licks semen. This is the best service, a cute maid’s Ji Po madness is a must-see! !

Date: June 4, 2024
Actors: Himekawa Yuuna

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