URE-038 Mushi Flock To Sawamura Reiko Retirement Work × Takasugikou Honey – It Is, The Whole Body Of The Live-action Feature-length Work Depicting A Married Woman To Be Trained To A Classmate Of Which Began From The Shoplifting Of A Single Toothbrush … ~ Son! !


Repeating the same thing every day… Tomoko Kurahashi (Reiko Sawamura) who was stressed by the ordinary days of being a housewife and shoplifting to fill the void in her heart. She put one of her toothbrushes in her bag that day as well. She just wanted to enjoy the thrill… However, when her son’s classmate, Ryo, witnessed her, Tomoko started following Ryo’s orders in order to keep her quiet. She sometimes brings her friends along and plays with Tomoko’s ripe body as if it were her toy. Expectations and pleasure are born in Tomoko’s body in such extraordinary and obscene days.

Date: June 10, 2024
Actors: Sawamura Reiko

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