ONEZ-082 After School, I Want To Commit Intently Hole Of Uniform You.Yuko Kitagawa


Center test coming soon. My first choice that I can’t give up. As usual, I am memorizing English words that I am not good at at the park. “I hope I will definitely pass.” I’ve dreamed of living in a school in Tokyo since spring, and I’m sure I’ll pass. The gaze that stares at such a girl from afar … “I want to commit …” After school as usual, on the way home. Why… why did this happen? A place you don’t know when you wake up. She is blindfolded and her hands are tied. A man’s voice said, “Don’t move…” I got scared and she couldn’t move…

Date: June 8, 2024
Actors: Kitagawa Yuzu

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