MIAD-981 Convulsions Climax Silent Les × Up Help Call In Rough Has Been Been Afraid That Being Labeled Fucked Killed Press The Voice Was School Girls Yuri Asada


A cafe part-time school girl who was [silent raped] by suppressing her voice so as not to be found out because she was afraid of being labeled as abusive by calling for help: Yuri. Even if you put up with her voice, the sensitive body is honest and the continuous climax Aegi voice becomes a violent sigh and leaks, and the suppressed pleasure explodes at once! I faint and faint in agony while convulsing in a limit space [toilet, cafe, staff room, hot water supply room, esthetic] where there is no escape! “Even if we don’t notice, women are always getting fucked somewhere…”

Date: May 25, 2024
Actors: Fukada Yuuri