LZDQ-004 Naked Lesbian To 2 People Process – Aki Sasaki Ai Mukai For Love In One Day Collide With Real Intention


Ai Mukai, who has few lesbian appearances, is an actress that most of her opponents nominated. This time, Aki Sasaki is one of them. If Mukai blames Sasaki with a relentless kiss hand man, Sasaki licks every corner of Mukai’s anal with Piledriver cunnilingus. The two get closer to each other in settings such as school girls, married women, and lesbian couples, but… Popular actresses strip their minds and bodies and collide with each other. How can people understand each other in the short time of one day? A form of love that can only be expressed in AV.

Date: May 30, 2024
Actors: Mukai Ai / Sasaki Aki

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