JUFD-691 Reason Also Blow Off DQN Boyfriend Of Meat Urinal Torture Cute Sister Nante Not Only Have Seen Example Mouth And The Only Finger Of Being Trained To DQN Boyfriend … AbeMikako


Fitch’s first sister NTR drama is born! It’s funny to say that my sister, Mikako, is my older brother, but she’s a pretty good sister, and she’s on good terms with her brothers, and recently she even started a part-time job to buy my birthday present. However, I met an older DQN called Takuro at my part-time job, and I lost to the pushy Takuro and started dating. Takuro goes up to his house without permission and does whatever he wants to Mikako. Mikako, who can’t say no to Takuro, is on the verge of collapsing as a meat urinal.

Date: June 2, 2024
Actors: Abe Mikako

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