JUFD-665 [Crappy] If My Utsubotsu Cause Experiences That Become Excited Without Also Trying To [Bad] A Very Bright And Friendly Serious She … Actually Had Been Trained In His Father … Kawaon Walnut


The 3rd series of “My Depressive Erection Story” series where my beloved wife and girlfriend are unreasonably taken down! An NTR story of a gem of a gem where the crotch becomes binging while the chest is gouged out. Kurumi, whom I love, is a classmate at school. She was curious to see what kind of house she lived in so one day she took me there. Unexpectedly, I was welcomed by Kurumi’s father and decided to stay that night. But what I saw there was beyond my imagination.

Date: May 23, 2024
Actors: Kawane Kurumi

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