JKSR-264 Country Girl, Hourly Wage 696 Yen. [Unspectacular River Rustic Girl You Do Not Know Well The Super] Happy Mistress Contract Aya Your Worth Is Put Out In The Yarra Is Rolled In The Minimum Wage.


Locals have dreams. A girl standing in an unspoiled landscape that makes us feel nostalgic. A naive girl with no makeup, she works for the minimum wage and has a completely different sense of money than in the city. Juice and tea bought at convenience stores and vending machines are expensive, so the sight of me pouring tea from a thermos bottle that I brought from home and drinking it made my heart pound. If I give it to him, he will say, “Really? You’re a rich man~!” It’s only been a few hours, but I’m sure she doesn’t quite understand the meaning of her mistress contract. She added 211 yen to her 696 yen hourly wage, and she was delighted with her wide-eyed surprise at the negotiation of 907 yen per hour. When I think that diamonds in the rough are still scattered in rural areas, I can understand the feelings of people who want to live in rural areas.

Date: June 4, 2024
Actors: Miyazaki Aya

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