IPZ-896 Assault!Single Actress Satomi Yuria Hits The Body In Sex Shop Rumors Gachi Infiltration Report!Adult Shop From Tits Pub, Has Been Infiltrated Coverage Like Crazy Hari A Happening Bar And The Body And Dick To SM Club!


Investigator “Yuria Satomi” Infiltrates A Suspicious Brothel Shop (Boob Pub, Adult Shop, SM Club, Happening Bar) In The Town! Many troubles! A series of accidents! Behind the scenes of Yuria Satomi who knows nothing about fear! On the other hand, the amateurs are masters of customs! I’ll make an amateur squid with the pride and pride of an AV actress! “An unspoken rule? Rule of the store? I don’t really understand, so I’ll put it all together~~』

Date: June 4, 2024
Actors: Satomi Yuria

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