HUNTA-265 I At The Suggestion Of Bully Became Air.Because Everyone Does Not Want His Own Is So, People Who Talk To Me Is Not Nobody.No One Who Recognizes The Presence Of Me.So Just A Little Away From The Seat, On Top Of My Desk Girls Sitting And ”that, There But I Know My Seat …” To Say That No …


I’m being treated as a non-existent person because of the bully’s suggestion. That’s why even if you just leave your seat for a little while, the girl is sitting on her desk… No response when you tell her to move away. So, if you want to deny my existence completely, you will be defiant, and when you sit down without worrying about it, there will be pants in front of her! Unlimited panchira viewing at super close range! Of course, even if I touch it, I ignore my existence! Then I got a stain on my pants… A girl who couldn’t stand it anymore took me to the physical education warehouse and the infirmary and pushed me down and told me not to tell anyone!

Date: June 6, 2024