DCV-006 Is Good Send To Document TV × PRESTIGE PREMIUM House? 06


This is a project where a woman who misses the last train pretends to be on a certain program, saying, “Can I go home so I can pay the taxi fare?” There is a human drama of that person in the original house that has not been cleaned up. ■ Report report 1. A single girl in Tokyo (23 years old) who hunts down handsome men at a joint party 2. Lives with her sister in Chitose-Karasuyama, Setagaya-ku (no entry if noisy) 3. A restless room with Hallyu stars and Feng Shui goods 4. First experience at 20 years old . Late blooming libido full bloom! She has somewhat twisted tendencies, such as liking handcuffed restraint blindfolded sex. ⑤ In fact, he is kind to his parents, such as sending the money he earned from the campaign girl to his parents’ house. She says, “Someday, I’ll ride on Tamanokoshi and make her parents happy!” She has a big dream. She agreed to shoot with a realistic amount of 50,000 yen this time as well. ⑥ The campaign girl body with straight hair and constriction is good! ⑦ Sex ⇒ MAX girls who are excited about sex with muscular actors. Astonished astonishment ascension to the big cock fuck beyond imagination. The hard piston sound that could wake her sister sleeping in the room next to her is amazing. She is a perverted ekiben play that you don’t know when she will be noticed. ⑧ It seems that she got the best pleasure in her life from hard sex with her voice suppressed. A pretty mania who spreads the tide around her sister’s house! ! that’s all

Date: June 8, 2024

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