DART-002 The Woman Of The Special Guards – Proud High Artemis’ Miserable Carnage – Episode – 2 Woman Of Secret Fist Technique Falls As A Splendid Fetish Ascension And Falls Satomi Suzuki


A serious trouble has occurred between the Saionji group, a giant company, and the Kitajima resort development where the Kanto Polar Star Association is in business. With the prestige of the yakuza, he plans to commit a crime by sending a hitman to the chairman of Saionji. Saionji, who caught the information, asked the Security Bureau to guard him. The chosen one is Yuri Anzai, a master of secret martial arts. What awaited such a transcendent bodyguard was despicable pleasure torture. What is the ending of the absolute guardian god who tastes humiliation while being covered in ascension?

Date: May 21, 2024
Actors: Suzuki Satomi

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